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Art Q&A Part 2

Posted on 11 Apr 2013 in Art | 0 comments

Art Q&A Part 1

Part 2 features Amanda Kiefer, our Concept Artist, who worked on ghost concepts, our library of amazing in-game assets, and beautiful painted backgrounds.

6. Do you approach in-game art any differently than you would a promotional piece? If yes, how so?
Amanda: I do approach in-game artwork much differently from promotional work. With in-game assets, I am focusing on the way the asset will look in the setting as well as keeping the style consistent with the other assets that other artists and I have created.  Creating in-game assets is more of a technical and detail-oriented process; I’m not trying to create anything new or evoke emotion, I’m trying to make the mansion look put-together and fit the style we are going for.  I paint promotional pieces with a goal of evoking emotion and getting people worked up and excited about the project, and I do this with the lighting, composition, and overall mood of the piece.

7. Are you a fan of horror films and games? What sort of ideas did you pull from your experiences with these mediums?
Amanda: I am a huge fan of both horror films and games, my favorite horror games are Lone Survivor and Amnesia and I always try to draw from the anxious emotions that come from playing those games when painting a creepy piece.  I’m a huge fan of horror films as well, but I mostly pulled from horror stories/literature and games for Whispering Willows because I feel like Whispering Willows is not an in-your-face scary game and films usually go more for that kind of scare.  The horror stories I used for inspiration for the artwork I have created for Whispering Willows are creepypastas, which are sci-fi and horror stories written by anonymous authors and posted on sites like

8. What is your favorite aspect of working on WW?
Amanda: I’ve loved creating the promotional images of Flying Hawk, Le Rue, and Wortham Willows.  Breathing life into those characters has been a real treat for me, and the fact that the paintings had to be finished in such a short amount of time gave me the chance to learn how to commit to decisions I was making with my work quickly.  Creating art for a horror game in general has been a very fun and exciting experience especially because it is a genre that I am a huge fan of.

9. What sort of media inspired your Wortham Willows piece? Is there a reason it pulled from these?
Amanda: The portrait of Wortham Willows was originally inspired by oil paintings of wealthy tycoons that were painted by commission in the late 1800’s, and by Wortham’s rich backstory.  I also looked at a lot of dark/macabre art to get inspiration for the creepy factor that I wanted for the piece. I wanted the portrait to have a haunting look that wasn’t too creepy but still slightly off-putting.
I chose to paint Wortham because he is an interesting antagonist who is an integral part of the Whispering Willows storyline.  The visual design of his character had not been hashed out yet at the time, so I thought this would be a great introduction piece.

10. WW is extremely focused on story and feeling. How do you try to incorporate this into your pieces?
Amanda: I try to incorporate this into my promotional and environmental pieces by picking out powerful images from high points within the story of Whispering Willows.  For example, I chose to paint an image of Fleur le Rue surrounded by the love notes she wrote to Wortham Willows because she is an interesting character who had to deal with a lot of hardships in her life, from her feelings for Wortham to her unfortunate circumstances with their illegitimate child as well as her death.  I wanted whoever looks at the illustration to get the feeling that she was frustrated and heartbroken, so I gave her a look on her face and body language that conveyed those emotions.  I painted the love notes flying around her to not only help the composition but to also make it look like maybe her emotional state was affecting the wind in the hallway making the notes fly around.

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