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Posted on 23 May 2013 in General | 0 comments

We have decided Whispering Willows will be divided and released in five chapters, in an episodic fashion. Each chapter focuses on a particular ghosts backstory and key part of Elena’s journey as she ventures deeper into Willows Mansion.

So what does this mean for you backers? We will be able to release content much faster this way and you will be able to play each chapter when ready. All backers of $10 or more will receive all five chapters as they are released. The first two chapters of Whispering Willows are right around the corner, following the launch of the OUYA. We are planning on releasing the first chapter for free and offering the chapters two through five for $2.99 each. People will also be able to purchase the complete game for $9.99 (saving a few dollars).