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Flying Hawk’s Musical Theme

Posted on 23 Feb 2013 in Audio | 0 comments

Flying Hawk is the first ghost Elena encounters on her harrowing journey. Once the powerful shaman of a Native American tribe, Flying Hawk was murdered in cold blood by Wortham Willows and left to roam the beyond. To capture the essence of the character, I used a deep tribal drum pattern surrounded by eerie, misty pads. Flying Hawk’s spirit is trapped outside his body, and his experience of the astral realm give him a greater understanding and therefore a deeper fear of his fate. This fear manifests sonically in the glassy, airy pads that wash over the primal drums. These pads are in fact the same drums, spectrally convolved and time stretched beyond recognition to create unnatural, disturbing sounds. The main melody is played on a wooden wind instrument with a very ancient and morose quality that embodies Flying Hawk’s strong traditional roots as a shaman.

Get a glimpse of Flying Hawk’s theme here:

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