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Movie and a Date

Posted on 25 Sep 2013 in General | 0 comments

I wanted to give an update on our estimated release schedule for Whispering Willows. We are moving at a pretty good pace now, and if we keep it up, we will be able to release a chapter every month and a half. Some of you were worried when I announced that we would be OUYA exclusive for 6 months upon release, but we will be able to still work on and sell PC, Mac, and Linux versions of the game alongside OUYA. The exclusivity only applies to consoles and mobile. As for translations, we will be starting the process this week for Chapter 1! After we feel each chapter is polished we will send to translators. Translations will not be implemented until 4-6 weeks after the full game is completed. Again, this is estimated and subject to change. Since we are all volunteering to produce this game, it’s harder to predict events that set us off course.

Mid Oct- Ch.2 Beta
Early Dec- Ch.3 Beta
Mid Jan- Ch.4 Beta
Mid Jan- Release Ch.1 on OUYA and PC
Mid Feb- Ch.5 Beta
Late Feb- Game Finished
Early April- Translations added

And a special treat for our fans and supporters…The Whispering Willows opening cinematic: