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The World of Whispering Willows

Posted on 18 Jan 2013 in Writing | 0 comments

When conceptualizing the story for our game, we decided to go with an alternate history approach, as opposed to creating a fictional world in which our characters and events exist. In doing so, we injected our story into the already-written history of the USA, allowing that timeline to anchor our own.
I went ahead and decided on a geographical location for our story, and I also wrote out a history for that place. Considering the depth of history our game’s story required, it was very necessary of me to write that history, covering how the Natives of our game came to settle there, all the way up into the introduction of the white man and on into present day.
In order to make the game’s setting and history feel as real as possible, I attempted to include as many little details as possible. To achieve this, each character even has their own unique back story. We’re working very hard to keep players as immersed as possible in our game, and we want to breach the barriers between gameplay and implicit storytelling with Whispering Willows.