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Whispering Willows Update 08/09/13

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A lot of you have been asking about Whispering Willows and when the first chapter will be released. As of now we are hoping to have a soft launch of Chapter 1 for PC, Mac, and Linux on September 1st for Kickstarter and early backers only. We would like to get as much playtesting and feedback as we can before we launch on the OUYA and other web stores for PC, Mac, and Linux. We are also considering waiting until Chapter 2 is ready before we release the first chapter to the public. We are hoping to release all chapters 2-5 by the end of 2013.

Last week we released a new demo to our 1337 backers! This is an updated version of the catacombs based on feedback from E3 and RTX. Soon we will have the rest of chapter 1 complete and ready to test! If you aren’t a 1337 backer, you’re still in luck. We made a video that walks you through our new and improved catacombs! Watch the video HERE.

You spoke up, and we listened. We are going to try to get the game out in as many languages as possible! Although we can not guarantee all the languages, we are currently working to get translators setup to bring the game to you in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Norwegian, and Polish. We are still looking for someone to translate the game in French and in Japanese. If you know a translator that would love to be credited on the game and help out, please have them contact me directly on Kickstarter or by emailing david [at] nightlightint [dot] com.

A few other good tidbits of news- we will be including our official Night Light stickers in every order of physical items from Kickstarter or from our website- We have a ton left over from the conventions and want to give them out to our fans! Also we will be creating the art book starting this week which includes concept art, designs, and final renders up to this point. We will first create the digital art book and use it as the foundation for the hardcover art book. The digital art book and soundtrack will be constantly updated once we release them to you until the game is finished.

As always, were still looking for more support on Steam Greenlight, so please vote for us-
If you have friends that you think would be interested you can preorder game on our site-
And please please please, go to our forums and post feedback for us! We love to hear your thoughts and bugs-

Thanks so much,
David Logan