Night Light Interactive

Willows Mansion

Posted on 19 Apr 2013 in Writing | 0 comments

Taking inspiration from centuries of ghost lore and literature from various cultures and the hit show American Horror Story, we were intent on creating a setting for our game that would be truly spine-tingling. There’s not much creepier than being alone in an expansive, old mansion that’s empty save for spirits of the dead. We tried to combine elements of all our favorite horror games in order to fulfill the overall feeling we wanted for the Willows Mansion. We also took heavy inspiration from Chico, CA’s Bidwell Mansion, a place known for its seedy history in which owner John Bidwell massacred and enslaved hordes of Native American peoples. With such a chilling setting for Whispering Willows, we crafted our own history that would rival even Bidwell Mansion’s messy past. The history we created is historically accurate and rife with interesting details for players to uncover as they progress through different parts of Willows Mansion and its surrounding grounds.