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Wortham Willows – The Antagonist

Posted on 19 Feb 2013 in Art, Writing | 0 comments

What is the truth of evil? Why does it exist? Where does it come from? These are just a few of the questions we considered while conceptualizing our antagonist Wortham Willows. We have in all of us the makings of hero and villain, savior and scoundrel. In tapping into our own deep, dark recesses may we find answers to these questions. From studying psychopaths to common miscreants to ourselves, we believe we’ve found the formula to what causes people to do bad, and Wortham Willows is himself the very compound of those reasons. Acting in the only way he knew how, Wortham committed some truly horrible acts in his life, but any act is considered differently depending on what angle it is viewed. With this in mind, players will uncover the nasty secrets behind Wortham’s actions, and may discover that our evil antagonist is perhaps more human than he may seem.